Yerevan Drive

Yerevan Drive 1.1

Drive a 3D rally car in the Armenian lands and between the streets
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Pick a 3D rally car and drive through the streets of the Armenian cities and lands. The only stage available within the game revolves around the National Opera. It acts and plays more like a demo to test the capabilities of the 3D environments and graphics.

The first Armenian 3D game is already on sale. This is a rally in Yerevan streets. Even the menu and music of the Yerevan Drive are in Armenian. The game could be found in disc stores of Armenia. The game also includes a subway - good chance to show a real drive, drivers' retorts and many other things you can get acquainted with only playing the game. Yerevan Drive - Learn and Feel Your City!
There was Yerevan Drive version 1.1. In the new version the cursor has changed, it became easier, some malfunctions are corrected, in particular there was a conflict to different users of OS Windows and system of protection so new cars are added.

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